How to find your dreamed offer?

Have You any troubles to find an offer? Follow the 5 short steps, call or write, we are happy to help you.

Look in our search!

1. Where you want to go?

Select your country. Decide where you want to go. If you are looking for a safari or trekking select Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. If you dream about holiday on Zanzibar, looking for attractions, excursions to this wonderful island, or during leisure time you want to jump on a small safari- select Zanzibar. If you do not know where you want to go, check out our offers by clicking on the tab OFFERS, email us or leave a search engine without the selection.

2. When?

Select the terms that best suits you. Bigger the range, give You more offers. Some offers are every two weeks. If You choose longer term for example one month You will get longer list of terms to choose.

3. How many adults?

Select the number of adults who want to travel. If you do not know how many people plan to go, we suggest to choose the 2 people, in most deals is the minimum required.

4. With flight?

Decide what you are looking for- offers with international transfers, or you want purchase a ticket on your own. If you have not decided yet, leave this field without a choice. Offers with flight and without appears separately.

5. Search

At the end click „search.” We will search for you the best offers according to the specified criteria. If you want to change any of the criteria, do it and then click on „search” again.

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