Wedding in Vanilla House

WEDDING- ZANZIBAR Style in Vanilla House

Extremely exotic wedding on Zanzibar. With local people we will make you feel like in a Fairy tale of One Thousand and One Nights. It’s the wedding for cuples who don’t like long and exhausting preparations, like in Polish or European traditions. We will arrange everything (including official matters) and you will be special guests on your own wedding!


10:00 A.M.
Upon arrival Young Couple settle down in their room which is available for them all day and night.

11:00 A.M.
Bride is ritually painted – henna all over her hands and legs. It’s for luck to the young couple never experienced crises. In the meantime our team decorate the house with garlands of exotic flowers.

12:00 P.M.
Light lunch (vegetables or fruit salad / soup / other local snack). Time for relax and swimm in the Indian Ocean if the tide. Time to prepare for the ceremony – ironing clothes, makeup or rest.
Groom dressed in white trousers and a light shirt, bride may be in a white or color dress.

13:00 P.M.
Young Couple gets and drinks traditional non-alcoholic cocktail (with nutmeg, which is an aphrodisiac).

14:00 P.M.
The arrival of a government official and a photographer (if ordered), groom provide original documents and passport photos.

15:00 P.M.
Drummers come and start to play. On Zanzibar drums always announce a special event – it attracts local people.
Wedding is in English, the oath is read from the given document. Your guests or our local friends can be witnesses at the wedding. They must have only a passport or other identity document. In the case of a church wedding, you need documents such as the Catholic Church and witnesses must be Catholic.

The wedding takes place according to the wishes of Young Couple: on the terrace of the Vanilla House, on the beach in front of Vanilla House or under a palm tree beside the Vanilla House. During the ceremony photographer takes pictures (if ordered). We can expect that on the beach around Vanilla House will meet the villagers enticed by the sounds of drums. This is a great attraction for the inhabitants, who according to tradition may be part of the wedding ceremony and fun at the local music.

16:00 P.M.
The musicians play and the fun begins. Young Couple with a photographer (if ordered) goes on a photo shoot on the beach, by the ocean and in the village.

17:30 P.M.
Wedding dinner begins. In the program we have 8 people together with a Young Couple, unless it would be other special order, increase the number of guests.

18:30 P.M.
Music still playing, we light the bonfire. Natives and wedding guests start dancing on the beach.
For guests, not even tributed, according to local custom you have to prepare sufficient quantity of rice with spices – dish called biryani. It is for the Young Couple luck – it will brings them wealth and prosperity for all life. ( Biryani is included in the price)

End of celebrations and fun. On Zanzibar is already very late and dark.

1930$ per couple

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* lunch
* welcome drink
* wedding bouquet
* home decorations – garlands of flowers
* preparation of documents
* Check official or a priest to Vanilla House on Wedding or transfer with Young Couple to another place where the wedding will take place, eg. Church
* a group of drummers with drums from the start of the wedding ceremony till 10 pm.
* Bonfire on the beach (till 10 pm)
* Prepare a wedding party – dinner for 8 persons: rice or fries, octopus, fish, Jumbo prawns (2kg), exotic spices and sauces, salad with fresh vegetables, fresh squeezed juices, platters of fruits: pineapple, mango, passion fuit, oranges, bananas, avocados, melons.
* Prepare biryani – rice with spices for about 25 people admitted in the garden
* Local cake for 8 people, with cinnamon, vanilla or other spices
* Coffee, tea
* Two boxes of beer – on refreshments for general visitors, musicians and service
* Box of cold drinks
* Two bottles of champagne (sparkling wine), other additional alcohols (eg. Vodka) are extra charge
* Cleaning after event
* 1 x Bed and Breakfast


* travel insurance (extra charge $2 per day/person)
* internal or International Flight Ticket
* entry Visa to Tanzania US$50


Accommodation in Vanilla House. First, we offer LARGE ROOM with Sea View. When this room is occupied, we offer one of the other rooms.


We organize all the formalities: documents, food, music and local traditions. Wedding night is included in the package.
Young couple doesn’t have to personally bring earlier the required documents in advance of the Polish Registry Office to Zanzibar (birth certificate and a certificate of no impediment to enter into marriage abroad with the chosen person). You just have to send us to Zanzibar scanned documents translated by a sworn translator into English 8 weeks before the wedding. You also need 4 passport photos of each person wishing to marry.
In the comments, please write if you ordered a civil or a church ceremony.
Young Couple can arrive without witnesses and guests, we assure you that you will not feel alone on this special day. Wedding will also provide an opportunity to learn about the customs and traditions on Zanzibar.
The Marriage Act released on Zanzibar is recognized by the Polish and other European Registry Offices.

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